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Fair Use Policy


1. This Fair Use policy applies to all products or services (Products) provided by Aggregato Global Limited or its subsidiaries or related entities (Us, We or Our). The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Our customers do not use Our Products in an unreasonable or fraudulent manner. Such usage may impact the quality or reliability of Our services.

2. We reserve the right to vary the terms of the Fair Use Policy from time to time where it would be reasonable for Us to do so.

Fair use of our Products

3. The Products are for personal, domestic use only.

4. The Products are not for resale or resupply without Our express, written consent.

5. You must not use a Product unreasonably.

6. Your use of the Products is unreasonable if: 

   (a) We reasonably consider that you are using a Product for a commercial purpose, including without limitation: 

      (i) resupply, or attempted resupply, of the Products without our express, written consent, including allowing another person to use or access a Product; or

      (ii)We reasonably consider that you have used a Product with a device that: 

         (A)overcomes a time cap on free or flat rate calls;

         (B)automatically dials telephone numbers;

   (b) We reasonably consider that you are dishonestly using the Products, or attempting to do so, with the intent of: 

      (i)deceiving Us or any other person; or

      (ii)securing unlawful gain or advantage;

   (c) We reasonably consider your use of the Product to be otherwise fraudulent; or

   (d) We reasonably consider that your use of a Product might adversely affect the Products, or our ability to provide the Products, or another customer’s use of the Products.

What we may do if you do not comply with this Fair Use Policy

7. Where we reasonably consider that you are in breach of this Fair Use Policy, we may contact you to discuss changing your use so that it conforms to this Policy.

8. If, after we have contacted you, we reasonably consider that you continue to breach this Fair Use Policy, we may without further notice to you 

    (a) place limits on the relevant Product(s); or
    (b) cancel the relevant Product(s).